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Back Vitalizer Chronic Back Pain Relief Product

Back Vitalizer by Perspectis, Inc and Chronic Pain Symptoms Reviews.

Named 2003 New Product of the Year by the Canadian National Exhibition, Back Vitalizer by Perspectis, Inc is designed to relieve chronic back pain and promote healthy posture. People who have suffered with chronic pain for years have found relief with this product. They can sit at their desks for hours, even travel by air or automobile, without pain and without painkilling drugs. Doctors and chiropractors across the U.S. and Canada have incorporated Back Vitalizer into their treatment plans because it helps people live pain free lives.

Whether they be office workers, drivers, wheelchair users, or air travelers, Back Vitalizer is ideal for people who suffer chronic back and sciatic pain from having to sit for long periods of time. When sitting, the pelvis rolls back and the shoulders and upper back slump forward. Deep muscles along the spine tense and put stress on the lower back. Back Vitalizer product keeps the pelvis from rolling back and makes it easier to sit upright. When stress and strain on the back is relieved, the pain is also relieved. Additionally, BackVitalizer conforms to the body providing support for the back, neck, and shoulders. Laying on Back Vitalizer gently stretches and decompresses the spine and provides pain relief for the entire back.

Other products can't match the usefulness of the Back Vitalizer product. Unlike doughnut cushions and backrests, using Back Vitalizer won't embarrass you. The high quality nylon casing easily fits in a briefcase or purse. A Halkey-Roberts Medi-Flow Valve allows users to adjust the cushion to fit their needs. Products like HoMedics Ortho Therapy Lumbar Cushion only help with the lower back. Back Vitalizer works for all type of chronic back pain.

Perspectis, Inc believes in Back Vitalizer so much, they offer a 90 day money back trial period and a 3 yr full performance guarantee. All you have to lose is the pain.

Author: J. Jennings, Chronic Pain Symptoms Reviews

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