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Back2Life by Dr Darrow Chronic Back Pain Relief

Quality chronic pain relief with Back2Life by Dr Darrow.

Dr. Marc Darrow a Board Certified Physiatrist who specializes in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation endorses the Back2Life back therapy device sold on television and the internet. Dr. Darrow is the medical director of the Joint Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine Center in Los Angeles.

Back2Life by Dr Darrow chronic back pain machine was first marketed in Europe as BackLife having been developed by a team of orthopedic, physiotherapist and back treatment practitioners from Israel and the US. During the trial period 70% of the test persons saw improvement and pain relief. In 1998, Back2Life received a patent and was registered with the FDA. The marketing of it began in Israel at the end of 2002 then to additional markets.

Back2Life’s portable chronic pain treatment device helps with acute and chronic back pain. The self-propelled machine operates for 12 minutes as the user lies on the floor, legs resting over it. The Back2Life gently stretches the lower back with a continuous passive motion that operates in a constant, back and forth/side-to-side motion releasing pressure between the vertebra's. This helps to relieve chronic back pain.

Chronic back pain is an illness many people suffer with. Resting isn’t the answer as joints stiffen without exercise. Tight muscles hurt, by use of the Back2Life they are loosened without a lot of pain. Back2Life sells Ankle weights, a Triple-Action Joint Relief Dietary Supplement, shoe inserts and Yoga Blocks. They also sell FirmaPedic pillows for headrest while using the Back2Life.

There are many back extension devises, inversion tables, traction tables, and hyper extension benches. A few of their Brand names are Healthmark, Quantum, Maximus, Maxicam, and Dex.

Dr. Marrow recommends Back2Life for chronic back pain as it is a safe self treatment that has good results. It is easily transported. It’s a small devise not like others that take up a large space. It is very effective for relieving pain, and increasing mobility.

Author: J. Dooley, Chronic Pain Syndome Treatment Reviews

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