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Chronic Back Pain Remedies

Beat The Physiological And Psychological Trauma Of Low Back Pain With Chronic Back Pain Remedies.

The causes of back pain are many and varied, from muscle strain following an illness to injuries to the back or spinal cord. Whatever the cause, back pain can make it hard for you to do even the most basic of activities, leading to loss of productivity. In the past, there was no specific medication for treating back pain and patients adopted pain management programs all their life. Today, there are many non-invasive back pain remedies that provide back pain relief. Back pain exercises are among the leading remedies that a patient can adopt. They enhance disc, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal strength. These have to be performed carefully so that one does not strain the muscles further.

Preferably, they should be performed only under the supervision of a physiotherapist and can be used for both upper and lower back pains. Common exercises for back pain include aerobics, flexion exercises, muscle-strengthening exercises and water therapy among others. Manipulation of the affected area is another great remedy for back pain. Again, a physician is needed for this. Techniques used include chiropractic adjustments, massage and osteopathy. These techniques are targeted at the muscle set-up of the painful area, where they push back any dislocated discs back into place and strengthen the muscles.

Acupuncture has been found to be an excellent way to cure back pain. Treatment sessions for back pain are offered once to thrice weekly over a number of weeks. Many patients report complete back pain relief after several weeks of acupuncture treatment. Doubling the intake of minerals and vitamins eliminates back pain by up to 80% or more. Nutrients that are known to provide back pain relief include magnesium, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D. Lack of any of these in the body is signified by among other symptoms muscle pain and spasms. Both supplements and foods provide a rich source of these nutrients.

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