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Chronic Fatigue

Two Decisive Factors To Identify If You Have Chronic Fatigue- How To Treat It Through Yoga.

Chronic fatigue syndrome or otherwise known as the CFS is more of a complex disorder that is characterized with a long term fatigue that can't be relieved by just a simple rest. Most of the time, this type of disorder is worsened with even just a physical or mental activity and it can affect even the activities of daily living of the person who suffer with this kind of disorder. Most of the people who suffer this disorder are having difficulty taking care of their own self as well as securing their job. And there is actually a lot of things we can do for people who suffer from this disorder even though if the causes of this disorder are still unidentified. Since many diseases that one of its symptoms is the fatigue, it makes the identifying chronic fatigue syndrome into a difficult one.

But, it is not impossible now. So, if you have found out these two decisive factors are present in you or in your love one, immediately consult your physician so that you can get your medical care. As what the Center for Disease Control Prevention states, the two decisive factors for diagnosing this disorder are:First factor for you to indentify if you have chronic fatigue is that, if you have an extreme fatigue that lasts for more than six months and can't be relieved by just a rest. Second is that if you are experiencing at least four of the following simultaneously: the muscle pain, common or chronic sore throat, tender lymph nodes on the axilla or to your cervical collar, multi-joint pain that doesn't have swelling or redness, type of severity, headaches that you have not experience before when it comes to its pattern, post-exertion malaise that lasts for at least a day, sleep does not even reenergize or refresh you, as well as impaired memory or concentration.

Or, if you don't want to go to your physician or you can't afford to go to them, you can have another option. And this is through alternative method. One best method that we can do to alleviate the chronic fatigue is to engage those people who suffer with this kind of disease in Yoga. It is a kind of physical fitness that could really ease the pain of this disorder. So here are the three unconventional yoga techniques that can really help this disorder. Just breath, eat real foods and sit in a way that aligns your spine.

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