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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Everything You Have To Know About Chronic Fatigue Syndrome- Know The Two Treatments To Reduce The Pain.

Every time a certain person experiences a chronic fatigue syndrome or the so called CFS, he or she has to consult a professional doctor. Well, if you too are suffering pain but do not know what that kind of pain is, and then it is important to have an insight about what you are suffering for. In fact, the chronic pain syndrome is a type of pain wherein a person experiences exhaustion or a distressing tiredness that foes on all the time for more than 6 months and doesn't get recovered with the rest and relaxation. This pain is very scrupulous and has an unfavourable effect while a person who are actually suffering this are working, playing, or is involved in any kind of social activities. These are the common symptoms of the CFS. Actually, this pain and the other indications that will be detailed below in this article may perhaps develop unexpectedly or boost slowly over the couple of weeks. The number of side symptoms that you may perhaps suffer if you are suffering from fatigue include the muscle pain and joint pains without any inflammation, loss or reduce in memory along with the confusion because of lack in connection, no feeling of getting refreshed following the relaxation or even feeling tired after you up, sore throat, fever, and headaches, as well as the feeling of below par even after your workouts. Well, the professional doctors have formed a number of rules that will really help them to recognize the chronic fatigue syndrome since it can't be diagnosed early. It is a disease that can be analyzed completely with any of the symptoms that was mentioned above together with the fatigue that has lasted for minimum six months. As a matter of fact, a lot of people who are actually suffering from the chronic fatigue syndrome feel that the beat of their heart increased while their blood pressure reduces by the time that they change the position of their sitting or standing habits.

When that happens, they are feeling lightheaded and dizzy. This condition is also known as the orthostatic hypotension. In this disease, the depression is also very common making the other health problems worsen. Most of the time, the chronic pain syndrome is found largely in women in between the ages of 25 - 45 years old. What is the thing that you perhaps do not know about the CFS is that the children are not often affected by this disease, however the teenagers have found out by a number of studies that this age can develop the CFS after a mononucleosis or flu which is caused by the infection of Epstein-Barr virus. If you are a sufferer of chronic fatigue syndrome, it is important for you to understand that if your fatigue is hampering your day to day activities and does not exist after 2 - 3 months, then it is the proper time for you to consult the professional doctor. Why you have to do this? Too simple, it is because the professional doctor will be the one to offer you a physical check-up and asks you about the history as well as the symptoms of this disease. Aside from that, the doctor will be the one give you different tests in order to identify if you are really suffering from this disease. A variety of tests include the ESR in order to identify if there is any inflammation present or not, blood count that gives data of the kinds and number of blood cells, thyroid in order to identify if there is any hormonal change caused by the thyroid glands, blood glucose for sugar level or the so called diabetes, as well as the urine test in order to get the overall health condition of your body. However, if the history, symptoms, as well as the physical check-up of the chronic fatigue syndrome may involve other possible issues, a number of other additional tests are also advised.

These additional tests include the Rheumatoid factor in order to diagnose rheumatoid arthritis, ANA test in order to determine the pattern of antibodies in the blood that are affecting the body of the sufferer negatively (this analysis identifies the issues of the immune system of the people affected by the CFS), Hepatitis A, HBV or HCV tests, HIV tests, as well as skin test to investigate for TB. As a matter of fact, the treatment for the CFS cannot totally cured, however a number of the other symptoms do react to the treatment. The painkillers is one of the treatments that can reduce the headaches, joint pains, muscle pains, as well as the other physical symptoms. The depression can also be reduced through antidepressants and counselling. As a result, the sufferer can now get a good night's sleep as well as lead to a normal life. In addition to the symptoms of the chronic fatigue syndrome are restless sleep, muscle and joint pain, headaches soreness of the lymph nodes, exhaustion that lasts longer than 1 day, as well as the forgetfulness or difficulty concentrating. Again, it may be the time to ask your doctor about the chronic pain syndrome if you can determine with some or all of these symptoms for six months or more. Since there is no cure for chronic fatigue syndrome, there are treatments that can help to handle the symptoms of this disease. The first one is the counselling since most of the sufferers have been found to respond reasonably well to cognitive behavioural therapy. The second treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome is the regular exercise. Most of the professional doctors suggest non-extreme paces when engaging in physical activities since strenuous exercise has proven to be dangerous to the sufferer of CFS.

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