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Chronic Heel Pain Treatment

Chronic Heel Pain Treatment Targeted At The Plantar Fascia To Eliminate Pain, Soreness And Inflammation.

Heel pain develops when the plantar fascia tears, leading to inflammation and pain. The plantar fascia is a ligament found along the under-side of the foot. In medical terms, the condition is referred to as plantar fasciitis. Heel pain in the morning is the top complaint for patients seeking chronic heel pain treatment. This is because as you get out of bed and place the foot on the floor, you put too much strain on the ligament, leading to a knife-stabbing pain. This excruciating pain is also felt when you suddenly stand up after sitting for a while. You should begin to get worried if you feel pain in the heel after doing your regular round of exercise or wearing a certain pair of shoes.

Thankfully, treatment of heel pain is easy. Conventional medication is use to eliminate the problem. The different forms of treatment used are all geared at stretching the triceps surae muscle, minimizing stress on the heel upon impact and eliminating inflammation. If you are heavily involved in exercises that have high impact on the heel, it is advisable to slow down. The most notorious exercises for causing heel pain are athletics and sports that involve a lot of jumping. Adopt non-impact exercises such as swimming and cycling. As the heel pain disappears, you can introduce walking into your exercise program but avoid running and jogging.

When walking, use in-soles in your shoes to provide soft cushioning and act as shock absorbers for the heel. Take up exercises that specifically strengthen and stretch the plantar fascia. You can roll your foot over a can to stretch and massage the plantar fascia, stand at the edge of a stair-case to stretch the back of the leg or keep the foot flat on the ground without bending the knee. To reduce inflammation, apply cold-compression ) on the heel works. If the pain persists, the doctor will prescribe anti-inflammatory medicine.

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