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Chronic Pain: Cause and Effect

There are a few different types of pain including pain as a result of protection which happens immediately, then there is inflammatory pain due to cellular damage and the third consists of pain which is associated with nerves, or neuropathic pain. This type of pain has the ability to become more chronic pain due to the inability to process regular motor impulses which in response will slow the amount of input that the organs and tissues need in order to function properly.
This is the type of pain we will discuss here, chronic pain and chronic pain syndrome related pain.
Chronic pain is ultimately believe to be caused by muscles which become contracted due to the lack of motor input involving the nervous system.
Chronic pain may ultimately be caused by an imbalance in activity in nerve cells which may cause receptors to become overly excited causing the body to contract and twist in awkward positions in order to avoid being harmed, so it is ‘reading’ due to the signals being sent.
One way in which this can be resolved for many individuals experiencing chronic pain can be through interrupting the catalyst of the stimulation of the pain through different types of therapy for muscle tissue therapy until the whole over-excited stimulus begins to quiet down.
If there is a prolonged amount of over stimulation and “over-charged” electrical activity in the central nervous system including the brain, spine and peripheral nerves, severe nerve tissue damage can occur which may affect the brain’s normal functioning and may affect mental well-being overall.
It is important to speak with a medical professional who can help manage the pain and help reduce the amount of pain experienced through different forms of therapy and more.
If an individual experiencing chronic pain in an area of their body simply demobilizes the area, it may cause weakening, deterioration or atrophy of the tissue or area affected.
Another effect of chronic pain, if left untreated, is heightened levels of stress hormones and the overall endocrine system in the body.
It is important to keep this in mind as the over-stressed body may cause over usage of the stress hormone which can cause complications in other parts of the body such as that of the cardiovascular system.
Cardiovascular effects due to chronic pain can include possibility of stroke, aneurysm, or hypertension as it increases one‘s blood pressure overall and can become harmful for those who already experience higher blood pressure. Other effects may include edema, diabetes, lessening of testosterone, weak muscles, weakened immune system and more.
Overall, the effects of chronic pain can be quite harmful if left untreated. This is why is over extreme importance to look into way in which you may help treat the effects of chronic pain through regular exercise, healthy diet, and more. There are many products available to help those with chronic pain syndrome and the effects thereof and we do recommend that one speaks with their medical professional for further advice on chronic pain treatments and the effects thereof.

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