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Chronic Pain Medications

Chronic pain is a condition that takes time to relieve for many individuals suffering from chronic pain syndrome and other similar conditions. When considering chronic pain medications it is important to first speak with your medical professional for the best advice on which road to take in regards to chronic pain medications and the effects thereof.
In this section, we will discuss several of those options available to those suffering from chronic pain or others in need of pain management.
There are several different types of chronic pain medications which include those which range from narcotic to over-the counter chronic pain medications.
As for the easier to handle, there are many different options one can gather over the counter or at a local drugstore including non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications or NSAIDS as well as acetaminophen in the common form of Tylenol.
There are also chronic pain medications in the form of anti-convulsants, local anesthetics, corticosteroids and more narcotic elements which must be first discussed with your medical professional.
As for the over the counter chronic pain medications, there is, again, Tylenol which is based on acetaminophen and is a common pain reliever. It is very important to note that Tylenol, when mixed with substances such as alcohol or other prescriptions, can become quite harmful and it is important to discuss this with your doctor for more info. Tylenol is not an anti-inflammatory.
As for the other over the counter chronic pain medications, there is Aleve, ibuprofen and more. These are considered NSAIDS or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications. These types of pain medications will help those with inflammatory pain due to such ailments as arthritis and similar pain catalysts. The NSAIDS chronic pain medications may have an irritating effect on one’s stomach and if this is the case, you may want to try a COX-2 inhibitor such as Celebrex which is designed to help alleviate the irritation in the stomach area and more.
There are also patches such as that of the Lidoderm local anesthetic which can be used to decrease sensitivity in the local area where the pain exists. Remember that this is only a temporary solution but quite effective.
As for pain caused by nerves such as symptoms caused by fibromyalgia and other similar conditions which may cause chronic pain, there are chronic pain medications such as Lyrica and Neurontin which are considered as anti-convulsants.
The whole purpose of the anti-convulsant chronic pain medications is that the medication will ultimately affect the functioning of the nerves which send signals to the brain which tend to amplify the pain in many individuals including those with fibromyalgia.
There are many great steps being taken in the anti-convulsant chronic pain medications market and are seemingly becoming quite effective on those suffering from different forms of chronic pain, namely due to nerve pain.
Corticosteroids are quite similar to NSAIDS in that they attack more acute pain and inflamed areas causing the pain when they are either taken orally (i.e., Medrol) or injected into the body.
As for narcotics, the use of these types of chronic pain medications is important to discuss with your doctor or medical professional before use as they have very effective, yet addictive elements to them that can form tolerances in the user’s body which cause the drugs to be needed in larger quantities for many individuals.
Overall, the chronic pain medication options are increasing for the benefit of all individuals experiencing chronic pain due to a variety of factors and, again, it is indeed important to discuss your chronic pain medication options with your medical professional before any usage.

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