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Chronic Pain Relief

Learning And Understanding How Acupressure Can Be A Preferred Treatment In Chronic Pain Relief Symptoms.

Acupressure, a little bit similar to acupuncture is currently one of the widely used practice for chronic pain relief symptoms. Also approved to be safe and effective by the World Health Organization, studies have shown that acupressure is very effective in relieving lower back pain as compared to other standardized and modernized therapies. Acupressure is used for chronic pain relief to conditions such as arthritis pain, lower and upper back pain, knee pain, neck pain, head ache, insomnia and so on. The practice of applying pressure to different focal points of the body is one of the ways to relieve the pain. As practiced by the ancient Chinese cultures, it also can improve the circulation of blood throughout the body making the "qi" or otherwise known as the positive energy circulate around different parts of the body as well. Aside from the fact that application of pressure to different points of the body can be a way to relieve physical pain, it was also known to be an effective way to relieve emotional as well.

Most of the times, emotional stress can also be the triggering factor that can lead our body to shut down thus resulting to certain illnesses or diseases. Most particularly, if the body, mind and heart are too stressed out, it can make the individual weak and be prone to diseases. However, with the help of the applying pressure to different points of the body, the emotional tension can be released as to make room for the positive vibes and energy to flow again. Balancing the body's energy to make the functions of the body smooth and ongoing can be done by this type of therapy. It enables the body's immune system to initiate for the improvement of the defenses of the body system when it comes to adapting to certain changes in the environment as well as keeping the body free from sickness or illnesses. Acupressure, as a way for chronic pain relief, does this by simply sending signals or impulses to the brain to close the gates that perceive the pain system.

It prevents the brain from responding to the pain stimuli or sensations making it avoid passing through the spinal cord which will ultimately lead to the brain. By the blocking of these pain preceptors, it is possible for the brain not to acknowledge pain, thus relieving the pain that can be felt by the body be it mild, moderate or severe pain. What is great about this type of therapy is that the pain can be relieved even without the use of drugs. The intake of medications or pain relievers can also sometimes be bad for the health, most especially for chronic pain because you will be taking a certain medication almost every 4 or six hours. Too much intake of drugs can also be bad for the health, particularly to the kidney, as it will be having a hard time in filtering the wastes that are ingested by the body system.

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