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Chronic Pain Syndromes

How Do Doctors Treat Patients Who Manifest Chronic Pain Syndromes.

Before we go into detail on the treatment options for patients who suffer from Chronic Pain Syndromes, let us first discuss what chronic pain is. Chronic pain is a type of pain that lasts for a long duration of time regardless of its characteristics. What makes it different from acute pain is that in acute pain, the duration lasts in less than a month; chronic pain on the other hand lasts for more than six months in terms of duration. There really is no fixed duration for chronic pain but as long as it lasts for the length of time categorized under chronic then you can easily differentiate acute pain from a chronic one. CPS which stands for Chronic Pain Syndrome is a frequently reported case that many health care providers find challenging because of its vague etiology as well as its elaborate history. Various treatment and management options have been experimented in the past on patients who reportedly have Chronic Pain Syndromes yet the results of the treatments have been inconsistent which led to more confusion.

Since most of the members of the health care team believe that Chronic Pain Syndromes consist of an intricate web of syndromes, the approach should then be multidisciplinary. Treating patients who suffer from Chronic Pain Syndromes will require substantial and broad knowledge on the different organ systems that will be affected with this condition. If doctors will not employ a multidisciplinary treatment approach for patients with Chronic Pain Syndromes, these patients could suffer from far worse damage in their organ systems with varying degrees of complications. As mentioned earlier, since there are no definitive causes for Chronic Pain Syndromes, it is just reasonable for medical doctors to approach the problem using various modes of treatments.

A concomitant physical therapy treatment as well as psychological treatment will be employed to jumpstart the treatment process. The treatment program should not be generalized since people with Chronic Pain Syndromes manifest symptoms disparately. In other words, when your medical doctor fashions your treatment program it has to be highly individualized and it should be specific enough to target your needs. For treatments to be deemed effective, the efforts should be collaborative. This simply means that the doctor works hand in hand with the patient as well as with other members of the health care team. Your treatment goals must be realistic so that the end results will be favourable both on the patient's part and of the physician's.

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