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Chronic Shoulder Pain Treatment

Chronic Shoulder Pain Treatment Includes Muscle Relaxation And Anti-inflammatory Medication.

Tennis players and others involved in sports and physical activities which involve heavy use of the shoulder muscles are often in need of chronic shoulder pain treatment. Although chronic shoulder pain treatment may be required for such serious conditions as shoulder dislocation and pinched nerves, it is more commonly required because an individual has tendonitis or muscle strain resulting from overuse of the shoulder muscles. Physical therapy is often recommended as a very effective chronic shoulder pain treatment. A physical therapy regimen may involve different treatment programs such as the application of heat or massage therapy to help increase circulation to the affected shoulder and help to reduce inflammation in the area.

Many individuals find that over the counter medications designed to reduce pain and inflammation are effective chronic shoulder pain treatment remedies. More often than not, the use of this type of medication combined with resting the shoulder will result in the reduction or elimination of chronic shoulder pain. Acupuncture, the strategic application of very fine needles into the shoulder area by a trained professional accupunture therapist is an alternative therapy which has proven successful for many seeking chronic shoulder pain treatment. It is important for anyone seeking chronic shoulder pain treatment to have a medical evaluation in order to understand what is causing the shoulder pain discomfort.

When bursitis, tendonitis and arthritis are the causes of chronic shoulder pain, chronic shoulder pain treatment methods such as pain medications, heat therapy and acupuncture tend to solve the discomfort. But if something more serious is going on with the shoulder muscles to cause chronic pain, such as a shoulder separation or shoulder dislocation, a consultation with a doctor is recommended to determine if surgery is the best chronic shoulder pain treatment available. Surgery is often the recommended chronic shoulder pain treatment if the nerves or spine are involved in causing the shoulder to experience chronic pain.

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