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Light Relief by LightRelief, LLC. and Chronic Pain Symptoms Reviews

Light Relief by LightRelief, LLC.

“I’ll do anything not to hurt for a while,” you cry! Chronic pain is truly no laughing matter – millions suffer excruciating back pain daily. Lightrelief, LLC is helping many exhausted sufferers every day by providing a pain relief product that they can easily afford.

You've probably tried a ton of products to ease your chronic pain even if it's just for a little while. Products like pills, posture devices of various types, heating pads. You've probably also at least considered massage and exercise. Most or all of these work to some extent, but they have drawbacks. Massage is expensive if you have to have a massage every day just to be able to function. Over the counter medications can cause stomach upset. Prescription medication could be even worse, and habit forming. And exercise hurts to even think about when the pain is at its worst.

Space age technology has provided a new tool to add to these helpers without any of the drawbacks. Light – infrared light. When the laser beam, which has added so much to so many types of research and development, was explored for treatment of chronic pain in body tissues, it was discovered that the concentrated beam would stimulate blood flow to the tissues it was applied to, but when the beam was diffused with an LED, it caused soothing relaxation, increased circulation, dilated blood vessels and soothed nerves.

Infrared body treatment devices are expensive, as a quick search will show. LightRelief has managed to develop a product for an incredibly affordable price compared to other devices which provide the same LED light. LightRelief is a hand held portable unit that can be applied anywhere on the body. It comes with a strap so you can place it on that painful spot on your back without having it slip away. It needs no prescription – it’s that safe! Other brands of infrared handheld treatment devices include Thermotox, TV TimeDirect, Polychromatic and Healiohealth. With a little research you can find space-age relief without making a huge space in your bank account!

Author: P. Dank, Chronic Pain Symptoms Reviews

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