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NFI Dietary Supplements Blue-Emu Maximum Strength Formula Pain Relief Cream

NFI Dietary Supplements Blue-Emu Maximum Strength Formula Pain Relief Cream.

NFI Dietary Supplements, the maker of Blue-Emu Maximum Strength Formula Pain Relief Cream, has been making products for the health and fitness industry for years. In fact their founder was also the founder of Gold’s Gym. NFI knows how important it is to support those who wish to improve their health through exercise.

Blue-Emu Maximum Strength Pain Relief Cream is a fast acting topical formula for muscle, bone and joint pain. It can be used to relieve chronic pain caused by sprained muscles, sore joints, and even arthritis. It’s obvious from the name that an ingredient in Blue-Emu Pain Relief Cream is emu oil. Emu oil is used because it is all-natural and its structure is very close to that of human skin, making it able to penetrate the skin into the affected area quickly and easily. The emu oil carries with it the actual pain-relieving ingredients. The pain relieving compounds and other ingredients in Blue-Emu Maximum Strength Pain Relief Cream are glucosamine, methyl sulfonyl methane (MSM), and aloe vera. Glucosamine is one of the most commonly used natural supplements for chronic pain relief and inflammation. Glucosamine supplements, along with the natural amounts of it in the body, help to repair injury to joints, tendons, and soft tissue. MSM is a sulfur found in all living things that can reduce chronic pain, support the flow of blood, and ease inflammation. The aloe provides a natural soothing and moisturizing effect to the skin.

Blue-Emu Maximum Strength Pain Relief also comes in a spray. Another emu oil product from NFI is Blue-Emu Arthritis. You can also get pure emu oil.

Other pain relief creams available are Stopain, SuperBlue Pain Relieve Cream, and TheraFlex Sports Cream, along with recognizable products like Ben Gay.

The use of Blue-Emu Maximum Strength Formula Pain Relief Cream for joint and muscle pain makes it unnecessary to take things like aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxens, all of which can cause side effects in some people.

Author: Matthew Cardinallo, Chronic Pain Symptoms Reviews

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