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The Society of Lateral Access Surgery

Minimal invasiveness and quality, experienced approach with The Society of Lateral Access Surgery.

Dedicated to state of the art minimally invasive surgery on the spine, the Society of Lateral Access Surgery supports physician communication and provides patient information. Lateral access surgery involves surgery on the spine from the side. Techniques like NeuroVision monitor nerves, allowing the surgeon to perform procedures from a lateral approach to the disc space of the spine.

More than 10 million adults in the United States suffer from chronic back pain. Non-invasive treatments such as anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy, and massage will help. However as people age the cushion or disc between the vertebrae of the spine shrink losing the ability to cushion the impact of vertebral motion. These discs also slip and compress nerves causing pain.

The Society of Lateral Access Surgery stresses prevention stating that a healthy life-style will help patients avoid chronic back pain. Regular exercise, maintenance of a normal weight, good posture, and avoiding smoking will prevent many of the causes of chronic back pain. When back pain does occur, the Society of Lateral Access Surgery stresses medical management and physical therapy as the first approach.

Prior to the advent of lateral access surgery, spinal surgery was preformed from the front or the back through a large incision. Increased pain and decreased mobility immediately following surgery are the greatest differences. Operative time is much longer with bleeding and infection being the most common complications.

Minimally invasive endoscopic surgeries are being preformed on the spine through small puncture sites in the abdomen and chest wall. These surgeries require more operative time than lateral access surgery. They also may require collapsing one or both lungs and manipulating the bowel depending on the location of the procedure.

Lateral access surgery is minimally invasive, safer with NeuroVision to monitor spinal nerves, and requires less time than traditional spinal procedures or even endoscopic surgeries from the anterior or posterior route.

Author: J. Dooley, Chronic Pain Syndome Treatment Reviews

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