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Treatments For Chronic Back Pain

Popular Treatments For Chronic Back Pain.

Chronic back pain is best treated with physical therapy and rehabilitation of the muscles surrounding the injury site. This is because most back pain is caused from the down time required after a back injury, reguardless of how small the injury actually is. The muscles in your back need daily activity and excercise to maintain the strength that the rest of your body depends on. Many people do not realize how much they rely on the health of their back muscles to maintain their everyday activities until injury occurs. Depending on the location of the injury, temporary pain management may be required until the injury site is strong enough to handle daily activity.

However, legal issues surround the use of long term drug therapy for an injury that causes back pain. Many pain managment clincs require a certian amount of pain medication to be in your system at all times. This is to show that you are taking your medication since most medication given for this type of problem is narcotic. However, you may not feel that you need your pain medication on a daily basis especially if you are not having pain that day or did not over exert your muscles enough to cause pain. This simple, responsible decision can cause you to loose the prescription pain medication and possibly be in legal trouble with accusations of selling your pain medication, even if you didn't.

Make sure that you inform your physician of your intentions to stop taking the pain medication as you feel better and take any leftover medication with you to your visit. This will ensure that you are not affected by the legalities of the pain medication you are receiving. As your back heals and strengthens from physical therapy, let your doctor know so the amount of medication you get each month will reflect what you need rather than leaving you with excess.

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