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What IS Chronic Pain Syndrome?

Chronic pain syndrome (CPS) is a very complex and challenging condition to many healthcare providers as it can have many different reasons for its existence in an individual suffering from chronic pain syndrome.
Pain, itself, is the most common reason for individuals to see their doctor or medical professional while about 35% of individuals in the nation suffer from some type of chronic pain.
Over forty-eight million in this country alone are not able to function normally as a result of some type of debilitating form of chronic pain.
Ultimately, chronic pain syndrome is pain which lasts longer than 6 months, sometimes only a few months according to some doctors.
Chronic pain syndrome can consist of many different symptoms and can be hard for medical professionals to figure out at first due to the many different systems in the human body which could be causing the chronic pain syndrome at the same time.
The root of chronic pain syndrome could be physical as well as neurological in many cases.
After years of research, medical professionals have found that chronic pain syndrome is more commonly developed in individuals suffering from psychological syndromes such as depression, hypochondriasis, somatization disorder and more.
Individuals suffering from chronic pain syndrome usually experience more negative effects due to lack of sleep quality and depression moreso over the intensity of pain, anxiety or duration thereof.
Statistically speaking, it is more likely for women to report heightened levels of chronic pain syndrome than that of men.
According to past medical research, chronic pain syndrome and the associated symptoms are usually a direct result of a past injury or experience which cause the amplified pain and/or sense of loss, fright or negative experience within oneself which can cause the lasting elements in chronic pain syndrome such as that of chronic burning pain or RSD which is in all actuality a neurological disorder associated with chronic pain, or CPS.
It is also important to recognize that stress is oftentimes one of the leading amplifiers of chronic pain syndrome and this stress alone often will cause chronic pain syndrome to flare up in a worsened manner.
Post traumatic stress as well as other types of physical, emotional or mental stress all contribute to chronic pain syndrome in that the sense of pain will increase as a result of the actual severity of the level of stress.
In reference to stress being one of the major culprits in chronic pain syndrome and its symptoms, another problematic condition as a direct result and vice versa is depression.
The symptoms of chronic pain syndrome can be quite debilitating and as a result cause an individual to perform less daily activities and ultimately experience symptoms of depression as a result.
These symptoms, if left untreated, can cause lengthened symptoms of chronic pain syndrome and an individual experiencing these symptoms should consult with their medical professional or seek medical guidance on the matter of depression and chronic pain syndrome.
Overall, chronic pain syndrome is pain which lasts longer than it ‘normally’ takes for an injury to heal. It is usually because of an additional condition due to the experience of the traumatic event or injury which causes a longer-than-usual painful experience with chronic pain syndrome.
We recommend doing more research on what is available for you and taking advantage of these treatments along with your medical professional’s guidance.

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